Fidelity Ultimate Chess Challenge - Lynx

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On your own against the Fidelity Ultimate Chess Challenge - the world's most powerful hand-held chess game - or against a friend, the stunning 3D graphics and advanced technology of this latest game from Telegames has to be played to be believed.The Fidelity Ultimate Chess Challenge uses the most powerful chess playing technology from the laboratories of Fidelity - the premier manufacturers of dedicated chess computers are developers of the world's only USCF certified Master rated (2325) chess program.Switch from 3D to overhead view for the final attack - or use one of the many options available to review the game to date.Full on-screen statistics giving score, times, moves etc. and many other features on this the world's fastest color hand-held chess game.


Game Detail

Fidelity Ultimate Chess Challenge (USA)
Telegames LX101
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