Spot: The Video Game - NES

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SPOT is awesome... it's totally the wildest game ever... packed with features like: an "on-screen" playfield designer that lets you customize your own game - "zillions" of possibilities - or select your personal favorite from the 512 pre-programmed options; Play 1, 2, 3 or 4 player modes, play against your friends, or take on the computer... you choose! The 5 selectable levels of computer skill will make for a never-ending challenge. Reset the move timer and get your opponents really jammin'! 35 animated moves make for cool mind-bending action! See SPOT breakdance! See SPOT dive! See SPOT moonwalk! Warning: Not recommended for squares, cos' it's hip to be cool with SPOT!


Game Detail

Spot: The Video Game (USA)
Arcadia Systems NES-3P-USA 52145800007
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Spot: The Game (Japan)
Bullet Proof Software BPS-BI 4988627000114
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