Super Spy Hunter - NES

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As you blast your way through the next millenium, you'll be fighting for your life. Aerial bombs, machine guns, and flying warriors will be on the attack. But that's just for starters. You'll be piloting the next generation of pursuit craft, including a super-charged racer, aqua blaster water craft and turbo copter. Assuming you can manuever through twists and turns at maximum turbo force, you'll need to blast a menacing Boss at the end of each stage. To survive you better have reflexes, guts and a sixth sense to avoid disaster. With the speed and G-force-inflicting action of a super chase into worlds you've never imagined, Super Spy Hunter is light years beyond the original. And with multi-dimensional graphics and sound effects that bombard your senses, it'll take everything you've got. Super Spy Hunter. It's a manhunt at the speed of light.


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Battle Formula (Japan)
SunSoft TEC-5U 4907940100608
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Super Spy Hunter (USA)
SunSoft NES-UY
Super Spy Hunter (Europe)
SunSoft NES-UY
Super Spy Hunter (Australia)
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