Where's Waldo? - NES

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TAKE A WORLD-WIDE HIKE!That dashing globe-trotter is at it again! Fresh from the best selling books, Waldo sets out for the moon. But he needs your help to make it through the multiple levels to the launch pad. Try to find our hero in the bustling crowd at a train station. Search through a mysterious forest and an ancient castle for the lost traveler.A variety of challenges await you in this adventure classic! Chase after an animated Waldo as he wanders about a creepy cave. Take a wild ride on a subway car in a race against Whitebeard to find Waldo and keep his traveling plans alive. Unlimited combinations of characters are randomly generated to make each level different every time you play. Are you a world class Waldo spotter? Find out in this entertaining game from THQ.-High definition screens bring you all the details.-There are 3 levels of difficulty, including a practice mode.-Family fun for all ages!


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Where's Waldo? (USA)
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