The Bard's Tale - NES

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First you explored the city. Then the cellars and sewers below. Now you're trapped in Harkyn's Castle. Seven levels conquered and still 9 to go. Command 4 different classes of Magic User: Conjurer, Magician, Sorcerer and Wizard, each with unique spells. And the Bard who makes magic with music. 85 spells in all. But choose well - the wrong spell and you're history! Pushes the power of your computer to its limits. So it's fast. It's big. And there's plenty of power for 3D scrolling, full color mazes, amazing sound effects and animated color monsters. Each level is demanding and different. There are more monsters, mazes, "specials", logic puzzles and magic items than you've ever seen in a game like this before!


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The Bard's Tale (Japan)
Pony Canyon PNF-ET 4988013021693
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The Bard's Tale (USA)
FCI, Inc. NES-ET 22909100124
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