Sesame Street: Big Bird's Hide & Speak - NES

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The first talking game for NESState-of-the-art digitized sound lets Big Bird speak and interact with children. Children 3 and up will have more fun learning letters and simple words now that Big Bird actually talks them through game play. There's no reading required - just turn on the game!Join Big Bird, along with The Count, Elmo, Grover, Ernie and Bert in six fun-filled games that are sure to capture any child's heart.Each Sesame Street pal is sitting in a window with his own letter. Can you find which one Big Bird is asking for?How many words can you make before the sun goes down? Don't worry, if it's not a real word, Big Bird will be sure to tell you.The Sesame Street friend makes learning fun. Get the correct answer and receive a special award.


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Sesame Street: Big Bird's Hide & Speak (USA)
Hi Tech Expressions NES-4H-USA 87855000034
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