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CAVELAND SPORTS NEWSCaveman Games Off To Roaring Start:Sabertooth Tigers 3, Cavemen 0Me grab mate by feet and spin, spin, spin - then let go. Take teamwork. Thrower need balance, throwee need big cushion.By CrudlaBefore race, me tell Dino he no win, me make good Dino-steaks for dinner - and he guest of honor. He run real good.By UghaRockyville Slugger best brand club. Caveman skull only thing harder than club. Fun trying to crack it - skull not club.By GronkRub sticks make spark-spark. Huff 'n puff make fire. Me win gold medal then burn hand holding marshmallow in fire.By ThagRace not easy. Hungry saber-tooth chase me. But me use competitor as shield. Better him cat food than me kitty litter.By GlunkMe do Dino Vault so bully Gronk no call me cave-girl no more. Also hope Crudla watch me - she one cave-babe!By VincentMAKE YOUR OWN HEADLINES.Six Fresh Events. Six Rad Cave Characters. Get Bashed, Beaten, Chased and Eaten. Cool Cave Action for One to Six Players.


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Caveman Games (USA)
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