Kid Klown in Night Mayor World - NES

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"Hi kids. I'm Kid Klown. And you know what? It looks like that mean old magician, the Night Mayor (get it? Nightmare?) has klown-napped my funny family. So I'm going to play a joke on the dude. But I really need your help. Because he lives in a wild klown-dominion, with a bunch of real goons. And all I have is some magic balloons. So c'mon and give me a hand. I just "nose" you can't wait to get started!"


Game Detail

Mickey Mouse III: Yume Fuusen (Japan)
Kemco KTB-MD 4906571145903
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Kid Klown in Night Mayor World (USA)
Kemco NES-NM 741648002048
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Mickey Mouse Dream Balloon (USA)
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