Little Nemo: The Dream Master - NES

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Little Nemo receives a royal invitation to visit the castle in Slumberland. Is he dreaming? It seems the princess is looking for a new playmate. When he arrives he is told that King Morpheus has been kidnapped. Nemo sets off on a wild adventure to rescue the good king and restore peace to the land. Anything can happen in this realm of imagination. Little Nemo even learns how to get a ride from the local creatures so he can pass through the roughest parts of Slumberland. Rescue the King of good dreams and thwart the Master of Nightmares!


Game Detail

Little Nemo: The Dream Master (USA)
Capcom NES-GP 13388110223
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Nemo: Pajama Hero (Japan)
Capcom CAP-EZ 4976219012270
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Little Nemo: The Dream Master (Europe)
Nintendo NES-LN
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