Metal Storm - NES

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Battle Station Cyberg's massive computer that keeps peace throughout the solar system is no longer user friendly. It's gone wildly out of control. The LaserGun it operates has already destroyed Neptune. Earth is its next target. As a high-tech hotshot, you must enter Cyberg's core and activate the system's self-destruct mechanism. Mankind is relying on your know-how and toughness to see this thing through. But time is running out... Oh yes, one more thing. the powers of your "Gravity Flip" Suit are essential for a successful outcome to this mission. The Suit empowers you to proceed both upside down and rightside up as you dash to put this computer permanently "on the blink!"


Game Detail

Metal Storm (USA)
Irem NES-4M-USA 715664190041
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Juuryoku Soukou Metal Storm (Japan)
Irem IF-21 4962891100213
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