Noah's Ark - NES

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Flood, Sweat and Tears-Only you can save lives on Earth!You take on the role of Noah, guiding him through seven continents, in this hilarious adventure. God wants you to build a huge ship, make it absolutely watertight and fill it with one pair of every animal that exists. Sounds easy eh? Well you'll find that it isn't - easy that is, as you have to contend with the rising water and a whole host of adversaries in an attempt to rescue the animals you've forgotten. It's a nightmare and it's imperative that you rescue them before they drown or else they will be gone forever - EXTINCT! and you can't allow that to happen, can you?


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Noah's Ark (Europe)
Konami NES-NH-UKV 83717110194
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Noah's Ark (USA)
Piko Interactive LLC
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