Quattro Arcade - NES

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FOUR GAMES IN ONE CARTRIDGE!MASSIVE 2 MEG CARTRIDGE!F-16 RenegadeTop view and 3-D, stacks of Power-Ups One player mode and Two player competitive mode -All the elements of a great shooter are here in F-16 renegade! Take to the skies in twenty lethal missions to stop a madman's bid for world domination!CJS ELEPHANT ANTICSCaptured and on a plane to the zoo, C.J.s lucky break came when his cage broke and he leapt to freedom with his umbrella. Now he must get back to Africa on an epic journey which will involve some mammoth platform fun! Shoot peanuts at the baddies and bomb the bosses into oblivion! One player or Two player Simultaneous action. Who says Elephants cant jump!GO! DIZZY GO!Dizzys pals have been kidnapped by the Evil Wizard Zaks and imprisoned in five different worlds. Zaks treacherous mazes are jam packed with all sorts of nasties. Power-Ups and special secrets! Take up the challenge in Single mode or Simultaneous Two player mode. Have you got what it takes to rescue Dizzys Pals? GO! DIZZY GO!STUNT BUGGLESWarped into a strange and beautiful world, its your job to rid the landscape of timebombs. Youll have to dodge all sorts of weird and wonderful enemy vehicles. This is action at its most frantic through level after level of supercharged, super-challenging gameplay. Climb in to your stunt buggy - Its time to rip up some road!


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Quattro Arcade (USA)
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