Shatterhand - NES

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Imagine packing the power of 100 strategic missiles in every punch. Imagine needing every single megaton just to hold your own against a cybernetic army of metallic monstrosities. That's the guts of SHATTERHAND, the game that redefines hand-to-hand combat in the 21st century... along with all the standards for single-player action games for the NES. Seven levels of programmed adventure - you choose the action! State-of-the-art graphics featuring 8-direction scrolling! "Anti-gravity" levels force you to fight upside-down! Armed "satellite robots" assist you in battle. No arms on Earth can withstand the power in your hands!


Game Detail

Tokkyuu Shirei Solbrain (Japan)
Angel (Bandai) ANG-OM 4994068800022
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Shatterhand (USA)
Jaleco Entertainment NES-9H
Shatterhand (Europe)
Jaleco Entertainment NES-9H
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