Stanley: The Search for Dr. Livingston - NES

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DANGERDanger lurks behind every turn and every tree as you seek out the ancient temple of wisdom, the legendary lost temple of "Am-Zutuk" while hot on the trail of the absent-minded Dr. Livingston deep in the heart of the mysterious Congo jungle.ADVENTUREAdventure overtakes you as you battle under mountain and over hill against cunning natives, giant spiders and psychedelic specters. Discover hidden items and maps; recover lost ancient weapons and armor.EXPLOREExplore dark mysterious caverns and brave hundreds of levels of uncharted wilderness as you risk your life for fame, wisdom and adventure. Hurry, find the lost Dr. Livingston and the mysterious temple. Who knows, your exploits may someday be famous. Dr. Livingston I presume?Special password feature included!


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Stanley: The Search for Dr. Livingston (USA)
Electro Brain NES-SS-USA 99451613624
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