Thunder & Lightning - NES

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Mr. Chin the world renowned connoisseur is back to his zany antics. After chasing delicacies around the world, he has found himself trapped within the realm of the Thunder Warrior.The Thunder Warrior is not pleased with Mr. Chin's meal chasing escapade, and has trapped Mr. Chin, within the Thirty Walls Of Regret. As Mr. Chin, you must blast your demoe ball through the Walls Of Regret to make it home in time for dinner!GAME FEATURES:-One player, two player, or two player simultaneous competition.-Use with your standard NES Joypad or any other authorized Nintendo joystick.-Multiple screen patterns for maximum player enjoyment.


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Thunder & Lightning (USA)
Romstar NES-4T-USA 95474160107
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Family Block (Japan)
Athena ATH-4T 4988679000094
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