Tiny Toon Adventures - NES

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These Tiny Toons have big problems. That's right. The arch enemy of Acme Acres, Montana Max, has kidnapped the ever-so-popular Babs Bunny. Now the furry female's fate rests in the paws of Buster Bunny and his crime fighting pals - Dizzy Devil, Furrball and Plucky Duck. Four kooky buddies with their own special talent. Buster can bounce over bad guys with the best of them. Furrball uses his feline claws to climb walls. Dizzy Devil prefers to spin through them. And Plucky can glide through the air and swim like a fish. Choose which partner you want at the beginning of each level before you face-off against time and goofballs gone bad in 6 zany wonderlands. So you better get jumping or it will be curtains for our playful pals!


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Tiny Toon Adventures (Japan)
Konami RC860 4988602578126
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Tiny Toon Adventures (USA)
Konami NES-NI 83057140011
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Tiny Toon Adventures (Europe)
Konami NES-NI
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