Toki - NES

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No ugly wart-nose is gonna make a monkey out of me! But that's just what that witch has done - one minute I'm the mighty Toki and the next I'm having breakfast delousing my armpits, I can't walk a step without tripping over my knuckles and, oh, there's an overhanging vine - time to swing out sister! But my broken heart is going ape. My beloved Miho (I can't wait to share a banana with her) has been kidnapped and somehow I've got to regain my manhood - until then I'm just swingin' in the rain!


Game Detail

JuJu Densetsu (Japan)
Taito Corporation DTF-5J 4988611910054
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Toki (USA)
Taito Corporation NES-5J-USA 20588010406
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