Totally Rad - NES

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-Totally magic... 10 super spells!-Totally split personality... turn yourself into an eagle, lion, or lizard!-Totally unbelievable story... 12 rounds in 5 stages!-Totally gruesome monsters!The too-gnarly-for-words trip to the California underground.-Excellent! Dude meets magician.-Tubular! Totally weird war.-Whoa! Like, not your average day at the beach.-Bogus! Dude meets monster.-Make like an eagle and take it to the air, dude!-Awesome! Dude goes underground.


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Magic John (Japan)
Jaleco Entertainment JF-30 4907859101369
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Totally Rad (Europe)
Jaleco Entertainment NES-6T-NOE
Totally Rad (USA)
Jaleco Entertainment NES-4T
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