2 Xtreme - PlayStation

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OLLIE METHOD AIRSKETCHINGTWEAKED BONEDSNOWBOARD in Japan, IN-LINE SKATE in Las Vegas, MOUNTAIN BIKE in Africa and SKATEBOARD in Los Angeles.All new points system allows you to compete in a season & earn points based on your finish, special moves and knockdowns.4 types of "Power-Ups" and 10 different characters gives you the chance to become an Xtreme champion.Pull off awesome maneuvers like backside rail grabs and ollie-airs on the SKATEBOARD & Carves, 360's and Japan's on the SNOWBOARD.Kick and Punch your way to the finish!Compete in a season on 12 intensely insane courses, Two player split screen racing, 4 levels of difficulty and Create your own Player make 2 Xtreme a rush!


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2 Xtreme (USA)
SCEA SCUS-94508 711719450825 K-A
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2Xtreme (Europe)
SCEE SCES-00400 711719644323
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StreetGames '97 (Japan)
SCEI SIPS-60019 4948872600194
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2 Xtreme (Greatest Hits) (USA)
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