Bubsy 3D - PlayStation

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- Run, jump, swim and fly anywhere in huge 3D worlds full of zany humor and the Bubsy 'tude!- Scrounge-up the 32 missing pieces of your escape rocket or kiss your homeworld goodbye!- Shoot atoms and bop woolies, clambos and 12 other wacky creatures as you rip into Planet Rayom!- Get your paws on a mess of atoms for extra lives, bonus rounds and useful rocket fuel!- Play "Cat and Mouse" in a unique 2-player mode!


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Bubsy 3D (USA)
Accolade SLUS-00110 15605750236 E
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Bubsy 3D (Europe)
Accolade SLES-00122
Bubsy 3D (Reprint) (USA)
Accolade SLUS-00110 E
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