Carnage Heart - PlayStation

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By 2073, war has evolved. The battle for domination is now a game fought on the moons of Jupiter by warrior mechs armed with deadly firepower. You control an army of cyber gladiators. More importantly, you design them, deal for parts, set up assembly lines and devise battle plans. When the game begins, whoever has created the most diabolical strategies and deadliest mechs wins!


Game Detail

Carnage Heart (Japan)
Artdink SLPS-00151 4988640100082
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Carnage Heart (USA)
SCEA SCUS-94604, SCUS-94964 711719460428 K-A
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Carnage Heart (Europe)
SCEE SCES-00441 711719648925
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Carnage Heart (Artdink Best Choice) (Japan)
Artdink SLPS-02540 4988640100464
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Carnage Heart (SuperLite 1500 Series) (Japan)
Success SLPM-87239 4944076003120
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