Centipede - PlayStation

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You're trapped in the perilous Enchanted Forest. Dark, dangerous mushrooms push up through the squishy forest floor, surrounding you on every side. Threatening thumps and evil buzzing fill the air. Something slimy flashes through the mushrooms, closing in on you. Suddenly, glaring eyes and quivering antenna jump right out at you! Sparks fire from your magic wand again and again destroying the Centipede before its diminishing body can grow new heads. But more perils lurk in the forest - fierce Centipedes, deadly Spiders, venomous Fleas and poisonous Scorpions. You pick the magic wands, you just might make it out alive...


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Centipede (USA)
Hasbro Interactive SLUS-00807 608610991727 E
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Centipede (Europe)
Hasbro Interactive SLES-01900
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