Jumping Flash! 2 - PlayStation

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Little Muu has been bottled up by the menacing Captain Kabuki. Baron Aloha, once a foe, now turns to friend? Take a flying leap into the wickedly weird world of Robbit and plunge into the wildest 3D gaming experience ever imagined. Single, double and triple-jump your way through a madcap quest-but just when you think it's over, you take to even newer heights and depths like never seen (or felt) before!


Game Detail

Jumping Flash! 2: Aloha Danshaku Ooyowari no Kan (Japan)
SCEI SCPS-10021 - SCPS-10022 4948872100212
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Jumping Flash! 2 (USA)
SCEA SCUS-94108 711719410829 E
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Jumping Flash! 2 (Europe)
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