Pitball - PlayStation

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"Pitball combines the best of multi-player sports gaming with hard-core arcade action!" -PSExtreme- INCREDIBLE 3D GRAPHICS showcase the power of the PlayStation!- Use athletic finesse to SCORE GOALS or use the BALL AS A WEAPON to take out your opponents.- 12 DISTINCT ALIEN RACES compete in unique arenas throughout the universe.- Hot FOUR PLAYER action using the PlayStation Multi Tap.- FULL SEASON LEAGUE PLAY with statistics.- Earn money through COMPETITION, SPONSORSHIP or BRIBES to buy free agents, power ups and new equipment!- Discover the HIDDEN CHARACTERS that stand between you and Pitball glory.- Voice over by legendary ring announcer Michael "LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE" Buffer.


Game Detail

Pitball (USA)
Accolade SLUS-00146 15605750397 K-A
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PitBall (Japan)
Coconuts Japan SLPS-00607 4953507961274
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Pitball (Europe)
Time Warner Interactive SLES-00201 705902107498
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Pitball (Family 1500 Series) (Japan)
Coconuts Japan
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