Slamscape - PlayStation

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HERE'S THE DEALYou, along with 16 other captives, are victims of a freakish experiment, hooked up to the SlamScape Simulator. Enter the Slamjet. You're in the cockpit hauling ass and shooting your way through a SlamScape filled with nightmarish imagery, as you attempt to free yourself and the others.HOW IT FEELSLike fast-action gameplay inside an interactive soundtrack by God Lives Underwater, and the fastest (60 frames per second!) real-time 3-D graphics available on the planet. Better buckle into your Slamjet; you'll be slamming & thrashing through 360 of pure head-banging danger.FIGHTSHOOTDRIVEAND SLAM TO SURVIVEHIGH SPEED, HIGH STAKES ACTION GAME


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Slamscape (USA)
Viacom New Media SLUS-00080 40824137018 E
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SlamScape (Europe)
Virgin Interactive SLES-00427
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