Tokyo Highway Battle - PlayStation

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"It was incredible! Thundering through the neon-lit Japanese metropolis with 454 horses raging under the hood. This low-flying, asphalt-grinding, fuel-injected speed demon was screaming out loud. In 5th, I was pushing 6800 rpm, but cooled off just long enough to take the hairpin turn. There was an awesome view of the Tokyo skyline at night, but no time to enjoy it. At the speed trap I was clocked at triple-digits, so the local heat was in pursuit. That's when the real battle began..."


Game Detail

Shutokou Battle: Drift King (Japan)
Bullet Proof Software SLPS-00250 4994934100010
eBay | Amazon
Tokyo Highway Battle (USA)
Jaleco Entertainment SLUS-00229 32264500040 K-A
eBay | Amazon
Shutokou Battle: Drift King (PlayStation the Best) (Japan)
Bullet Proof Software SLPS-91021 4994934100058
eBay | Amazon
Tokyo Highway Battle (Europe)
Jaleco Entertainment SLES-00413
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