Triple Play 97 - PlayStation

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Think you're the best? PROVE IT.The pitcher's playing some chin music tonight, but there's no way you're backing off the plate. The harder he throws it, the farther it's going. Bring it on, because there's more than one way to prove it.Triple Play 97 the ULTIMATE Judge of baseball competition.TEAM BASEBALL- Up to 8-player Multiplay- Pro, Rookie, and Manager modesMAJOR LEAGUE AUTHENTICITY- MLB and MLBPA licensed- 1996 Opening Day Rosters and Schedules- Motion Design technology- Informative Play-by-Play- 1995 player statisticsMAJOR LEAGUE REALISM- Intuitive control system- 3 Batting and 4 Fielding views- Exhibition, Series, All-Star, Playoffs, and Full or Partial Season Play- Home Run Derby- Trade and Create Players- Player's real attributes- Pitcher Fatigue, Hot/Cold Streaks, and Injuries


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Triple Play 97 (Long Box) (USA)
Electronic Arts SLUS-00237 K-A
Triple Play 97 (USA)
Electronic Arts SLUS-00237 14633077056 K-A
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Triple Play 97 (Japan)
Electronic Arts Victor SLPS-00682 4938833004093
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