VR Soccer '96 - PlayStation

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It's just a game like English soccer fans are just a little bit enthusiastic. Say hello to the next generation of soccer. We're talking real-time 3D Virtual FieldVision that puts you anywhere on the field. Play from virtually any perspective with smooth, fast camera action that gets you in the game. It's interactive technology that doesn't just look better, it plays better. Select your squad from 44 international teams and choose the position you want to play. Plus, head-to-head or alternating play modes for one or two players. VR Soccer. The difference is real.


Game Detail

Actua Soccer (Europe)
Gremlin Interactive SLES-00014
Ran Soccer (Europe)
Gremlin Interactive SLES-00214 5013658081043
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Actua Soccer (Japan)
Naxat Soft SLPS-00297 4988658967028
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VR Soccer '96 (Long Box) (USA)
Interplay SLUS-00199 K-A
Actua Soccer (Platinum) (Europe)
Gremlin Interactive SLES-00014 5013658085638
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