A-Train: Trains - Power - Money - PlayStation

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You'll start with a bit of bare land and a small bank loan, then establish transportation systems, buy and sell land and businesses, and even invest in the stock market. If all goes well, you'll be rich and powerful. Then you can hop a train and take a first-person 3-D joy ride through your empire. If all doesn't go well... well. you'll have to find out for yourself. Trains, power and money - what more could you want?


Game Detail

A. IV Evolution Global (Japan)
Artdink SLPS-00125 4988640100075
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A-IV Evolution Global (Europe)
SCEE SCES-00290 711719621126
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A-Train: Trains - Power - Money (Long Box) (USA)
Maxis SLUS-00003 688267009266 K-A
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A. IV Evolution Global (PlayStation the Best) (Japan)
Artdink SLPS-91019 4988640100150
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A. IV Evolution Global (SuperLite 1500 Series) (Japan)
Success SLPM-87231 4944076002949
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