The Chessmaster 3-D - PlayStation

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Based on the world's best-selling computer chess program, The Chessmaster 3-D puts you in complete control of awesome, vivid, 3-D and 2-D chess sets and boards, from every perspective imaginable. Shift your position from above the board to below, from beside it to right on top of it, as you play. With the same powerful 32-bit chess engine as Mindscape's world-famous The Chessmaster 4000, this program features a variety of unique sets, real-time rendered pieces, and a stunning, multidimensional playing environment.


Game Detail

The Chessmaster 3-D (Europe)
Mindscape SLES-00187 5028661000066
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The Chessmaster (Japan)
Altron SLPS-00331 4994964116043
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The Chessmaster 3-D (USA)
Mindscape SLUS-00052 24294121937 E
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The Chessmaster 3-D (Long Box) (USA)
Mindscape SLUS-00052
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