The Hive - PlayStation

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The sinister NoirDyne Corporation has reactivated a once abandoned bioweapons production facility: The Hive. Operated by genetically engineered creatures called Hivasects, the Hive is producing a toxic substance to be used as a biological weapon. You and your partner, Ginger, had been given an assignment to infiltrate NoirDyne. Something went terribly wrong ... your cover was blown and now the chase is on. With the help of Ginger's brief data loads, you must battle your way through enemy fighters, ground troops, robot weapons, and deadly alien Hivasects. Destroy The Hive, save Ginger... and the Galaxy.


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The Hive (USA)
Trimark SLUS-00120/SLUS-00182 791890101501 M
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The Hive Wars (Japan)
KSS SLPS-00325 - SLPS-00326 4988262300754
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