Johnny Bazookatone - PlayStation

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The year is 2050 A.D. and the hottest thing to hit Rock 'n Roll is Johnny Bazookatone. Johnny's brand of music has swept the world into a new age of peace and harmony. Enter Mr. L Diablo, Lord of the Underworld, in an envious rage, he steal Johnny's greatest love - his guitar 'Anita'. Diablo also sends his demons to kidnap the legends of the music industry.With Anita gone and no music left. Johnny sets his sights on blasting the nether world to Kingdom Come! The hordes of Hell await as he begins the greatest solo performance of his career!


Game Detail

Johnny Bazookatone (Europe)
U.S. Gold SLES-00112
Johnny Bazookatone (Long Box) (USA)
U.S. Gold SLUS-00194 743175952490 K-A
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Johnny Bazooka (Japan)
Coconuts Japan SLPS-00339 4953507960475
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Johnny Bazookatone (USA)
Eidos Interactive SLUS-00194 E
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