Magic Carpet - PlayStation

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Award winning action hits the SEGA Saturn!Fly over marvelous worlds on a magic carpet in your quest to rule Arabia. Battle mythical beasts and evil wizards with an arsenal of powerful spells. Strike your foes with lightning speed as you transform the realms you conquer. Find out what it takes to rid the world of evil!Check out this praise of Magic Carpet!"This is cool" 5/5 Rating - Computer Gaming World94% Rating, Golden Triad Award Winner - Computer Game Review3-D FRACTAL WORLDS THAT MORPH IN REAL TIME- Experience Bullfrog's fantastic 3-D flight engine - bringing you incredibly smooth graphics and fast gameplay- Breathtakingly realistic, fractal landscapes with Gouraud shading and texture mapping- Amazing magical spells, with real-time terrain morphing - watch as volcanoes rise and the ground quakes- 70 hazardous missions to complete and a ton of creatures to battle against!FURIOUS ACTIONLay a path of destruction as you tear through 70 incredible worlds.AWESOME FIREPOWERCreate Volcanoes, launch Meteors, cast Lightning. 24 spells in all.MORE FIREPOWER, TOUGHER ENEMIESComputer opponents learn from your moves.


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Magic Carpet (Europe)
Electronic Arts SLES-00211
Magic Carpet (Long Box) (USA)
Electronic Arts SLUS-00029 14633076288 K-A
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Magic Carpet (Japan)
Electronic Arts Victor SLPS-00587 4938833002358
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