NBA ShootOut - PlayStation

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NBA SHOOT OUT IS THE BEST NEW BASKETBALL GAME Game Pro, June 1996Features:All 29 NBA Teams and over 300 NBA playersPlay Modes: Exhibition, Full NBA Season, NBA Playoffs and NBA FinalsReal NBA Moves: 5 Types of Dunks including 360 Jams, & Tomahawk Slams, Jump Slams, Speed Bursts, Steals, Blocks, Dish the Ball in Mid-Air and Dunk Over defenders!Real Sets and Plays like Box, Inside Triangle, Hi-Lo Post and 3 Point PlaysTrade Players to build your own destinyReal NBA Player Attributes: Olajuwon, Hardaway, Kemp, Pippen, Malone, Kidd. Over 300 NBAPlayers perform to their real abilities and Motion Captured Animation creates realistic player movement.7 Dynamic Playing Perspectives3 Levels of DifficultyTwo Styles of Play: Realistic Simulation and fast breaking arcade


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Total NBA '96 (Europe)
SCEE SCES-00067 711719616825
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Total NBA '96 (Japan)
SCEI SIPS-60008 4948872600088
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NBA ShootOut (Long Box) (USA)
SCEA SCUS-94500 711719450023 E
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