Robo Pit - PlayStation

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ENTER THE ROBO PITSmash your way to the top of the future's toughest fighting tournament! Construct a custom mech fighter and battle with deadly weapons scavenged from destroyed opponents!- Assemble your monster machine using custom parts: body, face, base and weapon arms.- Rattle bolts in incredible interactive arenas - pummel opponents with projectiles or pound them off the edge!- Become top Bot by reducing over 100 mechanized killers to scrap metal using special moves and devastating weapons.- Create mechanized mayhem with hundreds of weapon combinations: punching arms, swords, grabbers, cutters, missiles, lasers and more!- Save the toughest robots to use in intense 2-Player head-to-head battle!


Game Detail

Robo Pit (Japan)
Altron SLPS-00165 4994964116036
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Robo Pit (Europe)
Altron SLES-00452
Robo Pit (USA)
Kokopeli Digital Studios SLUS-00316 752919470053 T
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