X-COM: UFO Defense - PlayStation

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You are the commander of X-COM; a multi-national defense force formed to defeat aliens, who threaten mankind's very survival. COMMAND DEADLY CLOSE-COMBAT BATTLES.After shooting down UFOs you must send your finest soldiers into action against the aliens in an attempt to recover their technology, weapons or bodies! RESEARCH AND MANUFACTURE ALIEN TECHNOLOGIES. Use your scientists to analyze captured alien items and then get your engineers to copy their technology so you can fight on equal terms. DEVELOP A STRATEGY TO SAVE THE EARTH.You will not defeat the aliens simply by blasting them out of the sky. You'll have to think carefully about your every action.In X-COM - UFO Defense action and strategy exist side by side.


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X-COM: UFO Defense (Long Box) (USA)
MicroProse SLUS-00141 19703431707 K-A
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X-COM: Enemy Unknown (Europe)
MicroProse SLES-00054
X-COM: Michi Naru Shinryakusha (Japan)
MediaQuest SLPS-00257 4902931950071
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