Gex - PlayStation

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HBO comedian Dana Gould fuels GEX with over 300 hilarious one-liners and sound effects. GEX's mouth gets him in trouble, but it's his thrashing tail and suction cup paws that get him out. GEX has been sucked into the Media Dimension, the place where cheesy 70's movies go to retire. To escape he's gotta kill TVs in each world.


Game Detail

Gex (Long Box) (USA)
Crystal Dynamics SLUS-00042 765979710601 K-A
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Gex (Japan)
BMG Interactive Entertainment SLPS-00244 4988017203651
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Gex (Europe)
Crystal Dynamics SLES-00133 768964043722
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Gex (USA)
Crystal Dynamics SLUS-00042 765979710601 E
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