Gunship - PlayStation

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Arcade mode for fast "hunt and kill" action. Campaign mode for hours of incredibly real helicopter combat. Realistic flight models, threats and weapons such as the latest Gatling guns, rockets, missiles and anti-tank weapons. Choose from the AH-64A Apache, UH-60K Blackhawk, AH-66B Comanche and four other authentic U.S. Army attack helicopters. Day and night missions in Central Europe and the Persian Gulf.


Game Detail

Gunship (Europe)
MicroProse SLES-00027
Gunship (USA)
MicroProse SLUS-00313 K-A
Gunship (Long Box) (USA)
MicroProse SLUS-00313 19703464705 K-A
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Gunship (Japan)
MediaQuest SLPS-00495 4902931950095
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