Talkman - PSP

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TalkMan is PSP's multilingual interactive phrase book & language tutor. Make new friends, break down barriers, promote world peace & and travel with a multilingual bird called Max.


Game Detail

TalkMan (w/Microphone) (Korea)
SCE Korea UCKS-45012 ALL
TalkMan (w/Microphone) (Japan)
SCEI UCJS-10009 4948872101592 A
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TalkMan (Japan)
SCEI UCJS-10035 4948872101899 A
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TalkMan (PSP the Best w/Microphone) (Japan)
SCEI UCJS-18017 4948872690072 A
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TalkMan (PSP the Best) (Japan)
SCEI UCJS-18018 4948872690089 A
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