Net Link Game Pack - Saturn

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Play games ON-LINE and surf the Web!Connect with a Net Link opponent for head-to-head competition! Browse the Internet with Sega Saturn.Virtual-On: Cyber TroopersWarp-speed 3D mechanized combat straight from the arcade. Now available for Net Link- Connect with Net Link opponent for in-your-face head-to-head ON LINE battles. No more split screen. Just incredibly fast 3D combat with all the detail and speed of the one-player mode.- Full 360 degrees movement, including flight.- All 8 robot warriors.- All 10 3D polygon battle arenas.Sega Rally ChampionshipTear up the track in the arcade hit... now enhanced for Net Link!- Connect with Net Link opponent for head-to-head ON LINE racing. Full screen. Full speed. With no noticeable latency. And with all the graphics and detail of the one-player mode- All four tracks.- All the cars.Net Link Web Browser 3.0 by PlanetWebSurf the Web. E-Mail. Chat. All on your TV.The Internet browser That's EASY and FUN just got even better. Faster. Easier to use. With brand new features that make the internet more accessible and more fun.- New Chat function lets you talk to other Internet users in real time.- Rebuilt Net Link city helps you find what you want. Fast.- Support for "frames" now built in.- Enhanced performance.


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Net Link Game Pack (USA)
Sega 81608 810086816082 K-A
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