Battle Monsters - Saturn

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Twelve psychotic monsters fight fist-and-fang in the darkest, goriest head-to-head combat ever! In bone-chilling interactive, multi-leveled environments, the beasts of the undead trade clawfuls of sickening supermoves in their bid to rule the underworld. Overflowing with blood, guts, drool and slime, Battle Monsters is mangling multi-hit, mid-air fighting with super-fast scaling, chopping, stabbing, gouging and morphing. Feeling lucky, freak?


Game Detail

Battle Monsters (Japan)
Naxat Soft T-18701G 4988658958019
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Battle Monsters (Europe)
Acclaim T-8137H-50 3455198208016
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Battle Monsters (USA)
Acclaim T-8137H 21481820802 T
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