Street Fighter: The Movie - Saturn

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Next-generation gaming and mega movie-based action collide in Street Fighter: The Movie! All-new super attacks and combo finish moves make this the best Street Fighter yet! Digitized backgrounds and characters from the hit movie - including Jean-Claude Van Damme! Four exciting modes of play: Movie Battle, Street Battle, Versus Battle and Trial Battle! Street Fighter: The Movie. The ultimate street fight begins... where the others left off!


Game Detail

Street Fighter: The Movie (USA)
Acclaim T-8105H 21481820475 T
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Street Fighter: Real Battle on Film (Japan)
Capcom T-1201G 4976219154321
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Street Fighter: The Movie (Europe)
Acclaim T-8105H-50 3455198204735
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Street Fighter: The Movie (South America)
Tec Toy
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