Andretti Racing - Saturn

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Break the Sound Barrier"Slap on those driving gloves! Andretti Racings blazing toward the Saturn with superb racing action." - GAMEPRO MagazineBLISTERING SPEED- 2 types of racing - Indy car & Stock car- 2 player Split-Screen Head-to-Head racing- 16 Challenging tracks- 3 driving perspectives- True 3-D Environment- Authentic pit stopsPURE ADRENALINE- Race multiple seasons in one player Career Mode- Start to finish race coverage with Derek Daly and Bob Jenkins- Exclusive racing tips from Mario, Michael, and Jeff AndrettiREALISTIC CAR CRASHES AND CAR DAMExperience the agony of a 240 mph mistakeINDY CAR CIRCUITBury the needle in an Indy carHEAD-TO-HEAD RACINGSplit the screen and go one-on-oneSTOCK CAR SERIESTradin' paint in a bruising Stock carAUTHENTIC CAR ADJUSTMENTSSet up your car for any driving style


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Andretti Racing (USA)
Electronic Arts T-5020H 14633076172 K-A
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Andretti Racing (Europe)
Electronic Arts T-5020H-50 5030930011994
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Andretti Racing (South America)
Tec Toy 191x33
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