F1 Challenge - Saturn

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Experience the internationally acclaimed Formula-1 racing action of F1 Challenge. Jam around heart-stopping laps, slide into hairpin turns and outmaneuver cut-throat competition with split-second timing. Eat up the asphalt on 6 frantic tracks, including replicas of actual F1 raceways. Fight the gut-wrenching G-forces as your engine screams up to 6,000 rpm in your fully custom-designed race car. With Ferrari, Benetton and McLaren cars, drivers and teams at your disposal - the world's ultimate dream machines are prowling the asphalt jungle in F1 Challenge racing. And you're in the driver's seat.


Game Detail

F-1 Live Information (Japan)
Sega GS-9035 4974365090357
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F-1 Challenge (Europe)
Sega MK81206-50 4974365812065
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F1 Challenge (USA)
Virgin Interactive MK81206 52145890091 K-A
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