High Velocity: Mountain Racing Challenge - Saturn

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Mountain racing has a whole new perspective! In High Velocity you'll power through three gripping courses that are based on actual alpine-styled roads. You're going for the title of "King of the Mountain" in these unsanctioned events - where speed and timing are the ultimate test of your driving skills! Buckle up and scream down the tracks in the hottest cars ever to nail a hair-pin turn. The challenge is for you to race the clock in a never-ending battle of nerves vs. time as you pit yourself against roads built at the top of the world. The better you do, the more power you'll crave! Finely tuned, your vehicle can blow the doors off of anything on the road - but can you really handle THAT much power?


Game Detail

Touge: King the Spirits (Japan)
Atlus T-14401G 4984995800011
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High Velocity: Mountain Racing Challenge (USA)
Atlus T-14402H 730865510023 K-A
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