Shockwave Assault - Saturn

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THE ASSAULT HAS BEGUNA vast armada of Alien warships unleash a deadly assault on the Earth. Taken by surprise, Earth's forces are crushed and only a small squadron of experimental fighters remain. The only chance for survival lies with you and a band of crack fighter pilots.Counterattacking from the orbital space carrier OMAHA, use all of your piloting skills to drive the Alien invaders out of Earth's cities, past the Moon, and back through the mysterious JumpGate from which they came!Intense, high-speed combat action.Fully functional cockpit with reactive audio/visual displays.50+ minutes of Hollywood-style video captivates you in the Shockwave drama.Over 15 furious combat missions carried out over photo-realistic landscapes.Mission checkpoints allow you to continue the action mid-flight.Stunning 3D terrained based on aerial photographs; from the deserts and jungles of the Earth to the craters of the Moon.


Game Detail

Shockwave Assault (USA)
Electronic Arts T-5005H K-A
Shockwave Assault (Europe)
Electronic Arts T-5005H-50
Shockwave Assault (South America)
Tec Toy 191x74
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