Virtual Hydlide - Saturn

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Action/RPG's don't get more real than this! Discover the ultimate fantasy world in this compelling epic adventure! An enchanted realm known as the Dream World has been captured an army of supernatural warriors, zombies, vampires and more infest the once peaceful land, awaiting new battles and conquests.You are a hero, born to the sword. Your mission is to free Dream World from the grip of the undead maravders by using your wits, your sword, and few magic items you uncover in your travels.


Game Detail

Virtual Hydlide (Japan)
Sega GS-9012 4974365090128
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Virtual Hydlide (Europe)
Sega MK81380-50 4974365813802 3+
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Virtual Hydlide (USA)
Atlus T-14401H 730865510016 K-A
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