World Series Baseball - Saturn

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Step up to the plate with the premiere video game in baseball: World Series Baseball. Saturn technology delivers unbelievable color, 3D graphics and ultra-smooth perspective tracking. Enjoy incredible detail from 5 different ballpark perspectives. Swing for the fences at Fenway or another one of the game's ultra-realistic major league ballparks. Choose among play modes including 162-game pennant race, All-Star and Play-Off modes as well as a power hitter duel in Home Run Derby. Play as any one of the 28 major league teams, complete with high resolution player photos.


Game Detail

World Series Baseball (Europe)
Sega MK81109-50 4974365811099
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Hideo Nomo World Series Baseball (Japan)
Sega GS-9061 4974365090616
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World Series Baseball (USA)
Sega 81109 10086811094 K-A
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