3D Lemmings - Saturn

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The world famous Lemmings are lost in a world of their own. They're puzzled, confused, and they're dying at an alarming rate. So what's new?Turning corners, that's what. These 3D Lemmings are fat, round, and can turn through 90 degrees. But only with your help. You and you alone can guide the suicidal rodents through dazzling 3D worlds packed with new features and puzzles to solve. 100 levels, 9 skills and over 30 sampled Lemmingese last requests make this a huge and hilarious game for humans everywhere. Although if you're a Lemming, steer clear. It could be distressing.


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3D Lemmings (Japan)
Imagineer T-15013G 4965857030135
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3D Lemmings (Europe)
Psygnosis T-11304H-50 5016597017319
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