Rayman - Saturn

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Rayman has pushed the technology envelope to the limit! This platform game is unlike anything you've seen or played before... 65,000 eye-popping colors, 60fps and up to 4 independently scrolling backdrops; all of which pull you right into Rayman's outrageous worlds! Over 50 different characters that will freak you out, crack you up and give you the challenge of a lifetime! Amazing powers help you ward off enemies and avoid some of the strangest encounters as you progress through the game's 70 different levels! Six mind-boggling, bizarre worlds complete with different climates and jam-packed with hidden passages and traps, all leading to unexpected combat and rewards! All this in CD-quality sound with over 200 different sound effects!


Game Detail

Rayman (Europe)
Ubisoft T-17701H-50
Rayman (Japan)
Ubisoft T-17701G 4949244000031
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Rayman (USA)
Ubisoft T-17701H 8888240013 K-A
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Rayman (South America)
Tec Toy 191046 7891196191046
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